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Working With Layers (part 2)


Example 2 this example i will show you something a little more difficult....This will be your first “layout” page for digital scrapbooking. It will include multiple layers to help you learn how to organize them into a wonderful page. I will be using my “heritage scrap chat – mothers” page as an example. As a reference here is the finished product below. Here is where i give thanks to Valeri Brumfield for the background, vellum, and bow, and thanks to mary and Sallie_K for the frame, and Kim Liddiard for the ribbon on the top left hand corner.

ein Bild that that is done...we can start the example.


Ok...The first thing to do is start off with your background paper. Just open whatever paper you want to use. Now before we start to make any changes save a copy (which will be our base image) by going into file>save a copy.


Ok now that we have our base image the next thing we need to do is open our “torn paper” (remembering not to close our base image). Then we simply copy it and “paste into” our base image (remember to anchor it to a new layer). Once it is pasted in we simply position it to the side, or wherever you want it (see below)

ein Bild

Then we save (as .xcf). It is crutial to remember to save after each layer as if something goes wrong you dont want to have to redo the whole lot again. The next step is to add our “overlay” (see below)

ein Bild

Ok to add this we simply copy and “paste into” again....simple, yes?

Well the next step is a little bit trickier. We need to add our “ribbon edging”.


To do this we open our edging, and cut and “paste into our base image” should now look like the image below.

ein Bild

This is not what we are after however...we want the edging to be underneath the overlay.To do this we simply click on the “edging” layer and move it down. (see below)

 ein Bild

Ok. Now we have our ribbon edging under the overlay...we jus repeat the above steps to add the one down the side (just rotate before pasting it into the base image).

Next we need to add our frame. Once again just a simple copy and paste. Now your image should look like this:

ein Bild

Ok. Now lets add a photo. Simply open the photo and copy and paste into. Remember to resize the “photo layer” so it is the right size for the frame by going into layer> scale layer.

Now your pic should look like this.


ein Bild


Notice the photo sits slightly over the frame...We just need to move the layer to just underneath the frame layer, so it looks like the one below.


ein Bild
ok next we want to add our text...Quite simple...just use the text tool to add what you like.


Now you should have something like this:


ein Bild

All thats left to add are our ribbons around the frame and our ribbon in the top left corner.

Once again it is just a matter of copying and pasting into our base image (with the occasional rotating (using the rotation tool) to put things on angles and such).


Now you should have a complete page...well done. All you need to do is save it in another format if you need to (like if you want to post it on the web) or print it out to add to an album.


Well done, you have finished the layers (part 2) tutorial.

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